Ron Yurman photo

Hey!   How you doin’?


Yeah, they can take the boy out of New York, but good luck putting him out on the interwebs…


Welcome to ABCD!


At least  the name should be easy enough to remember.


I have a very personal interest in the intersection of art, business and creativity and am hoping the this blog is the impetus to stay close to it.  I added the “D” for “do it!” as it’s something that affects many of us in the creative space – sometimes, okay most of the time, we need a kick in the bottom to either get going or stay going.  We’ll dive into a bit of that over time.  Physician heal thyself!


So who the heck am I?


I’m a dad.  A broadcaster.  Writer.  Cartoonist.  Business development and strategy guy.  Voiceover dude.  Management and business consultant.  I have co-authored a bunch of Patents for interactive technology.  On the surface, you’d say that this was a mess and you might be right.  But at the end of the day, I’m fascinated by a lot of things, have achieved a decent level of mastery in them and continue expand my universe.  Taking a series of right brain / left brain tests in an undergrad class found me splitting three tests down the middle.  It explained a lot but it took a long time for me to appreciate it.  I’ve leveraged that into looking at art with a business mindset and business with a very creative eye.  I connect dots that many don’t see – but that could be because of my strong glasses…


I love this space and am thrilled that you’re along for the ride.  After all, it’s ALL ABOUT the journey!  So pack some snacks and I’ll thank you in advance for not asking if we’re there yet.  We’re not.  Remember?  The journey?


Speak soon!