You Just Never Know

An awesome part of the creative journey is: “you just never know.”

Random things can happen that can lead to inspiration – or sales – and you’re best served by always being open and prepared to accept them. Be in the moment.

More on mindfulness down the road. Anyway, back to our show…

I’ve always been a fan of, “you just never know.”

When I was in Junior High School, our 8th grade social studies class went on a weekend field trip from Long Island to Williamsburg, Virginia, to learn about colonial life. Or at least that was the excuse used to let us go.

On the ride down, the wire on some kid’s braces broke, causing a bit of a stir on the bus, not to mention discomfort for the kid. We were on a highway and there was no way this was going to be dealt with until we got back.

As one of the teachers escorting us went up and down the aisle of the bus, I stopped him, reached into my carry on bag and pulled out a pair of wire cutters, which I suggested he use to cut the offending wire until a trip to the orthodontist the following week. 

The look I received was priceless and when I was questioned why I was carrying wire cutters on this trip, the answer that seemed best at the time (factoring in self-preservation) was: “You just never know.” Yeah, good thing he didn’t go through he rest of my bag. But I digress… (again). 

Net-net, calm was restored and the trip went on.

Fast forward to this week and I am traveling with my kids on a road trip through Texas and we stumbled on a tour that was going on at a museum in Austin. The kids tagged along as the guide was giving a detailed but engaging explanation of the exhibits. We followed them for the better part of an hour and a half. Towards the end, I thanked the guide and his wife and found out that they provided much of the exhibit material and were giving the tour to friends of theirs, but appreciated our attention and participation. We crashed a group of friends going through the museum!

After a few minutes of chit-chat, we exchanged business cards. Imagine my surprise when my phone rang a little while later with an invitation to dinner and to see more materials that didn’t make the museum. We all shared a great meal and spent the most wonderful time at their home!

In the morning we were strangers, linked only by the randomness of being in the same place at the same time. By nighttime we parted as friends, with plans to see each other again. I am hoping to have their exhibit come here, to Kansas City. A great story!

You just never know.

So… What are you doing to promote “you just never know” in your life? In your creative endeavors? Are you carrying the means to capture ideas? Are you actively engaging with people who have expressed interest in your work? Do you have well designed business cards handy, to pass out to people that you meet? Does the story you tell about what and why you do what you do engage and flow? Would you be interested if someone else told it to you?

When opportunities do come, are you taking advantage of them? Why not?

Like the Boy Scout motto says, “Be Prepared.”

Be prepared for the unexpected. Be prepared to be great!

You just never know.

To Accomplish List

The Journey Begins with the First Step

Okay, so we’ve determined this is the year to be / continue on our creative journeys.


So, what’s it going to be, boy?

Make your list of goals. This is not a hokey list of New Years resolutions (that rarely get done).

This is your guide. Your business plan. This is what your creative life depends on.

You know you can’t hit a target unless you see it. And you can’t aim at it if you don’t know what it looks like.

Here’s your chance to lay out the year ahead. It’s okay to be bold. Be audacious. Shoot for the stars.

Be aggressive. Get it down there. The list can be tidied up later. The important thing is to quantify what you want to have happen. It’s like the old saw, “Plan your work then work your plan.”

Let’s get that plan out there. Let’s have enough stuff to keep ourselves interested and challenged thought the remainder of 2017. We’ll have plenty of time to think about what happens beyond that, but the journey is ready to get going and YOU better be there!

I have plans for numerous creative endeavors including being aggressive in my writing and voiceover work. And I’ve had a tendency to want to make sure that I keep up my art but it often falls by the wayside. There’s now no escape. I’ve got my plans. Now I need to work them. And you know what? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some icebergs sink ships. Others chill a martini to perfection. You know what it is I’m looking forward to!

What are you doing next? Show that iceberg who’s boss!

Art supplies

Happy New Year

It’s been a busy few days wrapping up 2016 and preparing for the New Year. Now that 2017 is closing in on a full day old and most of the detritus from last night’s celebrations have been cleaned up, it’s time to jump back into the realities of life.

So… What are you going to be creating this year? What are your plans to do what hasn’t been done before? Are you going to share it with the world? Why or why not?

Today starts a new sketch book and you’ve got all the proverbial art supplies at your disposal. Time to get going!

Write. Paint. Dance. Sing. Create.

Let’s all look back at 2017 and marvel at how creatively fulfilling it was. And while we’re at it, a little financial success as a result of our creative work work wouldn’t be a bad thing, either.

The beauty of this space is that it’s far from a zero-sum game. Let’s ALL get the fulfillment we desire and have a heck of a fun time doing so.

Ugh – just found more chips on the floor to clean.

Talk later…

Let’s rock!

Starting a blog is like starting on a new notebook, sketchbook, fresh whiteboard, etc.  It can be intimidating.  There’s so much possible and the toughest part is the first step.  Wow!  Getting heavy in the first paragraph.  Hope I can keep this up.


Like starting on any trip, the worst part is the waiting around till you leave.  The worrying that something may be missing.  The road should be the only thing waiting!


The solution is always – GET GOING!  And so with little fanfare to get us on our way, here’s the inaugural post of ABCD!  Remarkably, it didn’t hurt me that much.  I hope that you are not the worse for wear, either.  In fact, if things go the way I hope, we’ll all be in a better place, soon enough!   Fasten your seatbelts.  Seats and tray tables in the upright and locked position.


More later.


No, we’re not there yet!